akupunktura uga,acupuncture
akupunktura uga,acupuncture
akupunktura uga,acupuncture
akupunktura uga,acupuncture


in Warsaw

Professional 5 Element Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine Treatments at your fingertips.

My Specialties


Treating many ailments with five element acupuncture methods. It is a widely accepted form of acupuncture recognized by the WHO.

5 Element Diagnostic

A simple but effective diagnosis system based on TCM guidelines. Methods recognized by academic medicine in 2019.

GuaSha Therapies

This technique helps in cases of chronic musculoskeletal diseases, pain conditions, problems with mobility or range of motion.

akupunktura uga,acupuncture

Dietetics and Weight Loss

You want to lose weight but don’t know how or it’s going poorly. Traditional Chinese Medicine has many options in aiding weight loss or weight gain. The right diet will help you achieve your goal.


Find your Balance, Energy and Happiness the Natural Way.

akupunktura uga,acupuncture

About Me

A woman over 35 with lots of experience and a mother of three. She is a passionate therapist of Eastern Medicine and Acupuncture. Daughter of a well-known professor of Traditional Medicine and graduate of the School of Traditional Acupuncture in Bydgoszcz. She has been an active practitioner of acupuncture for 10 years especially from a cosmetic, sports and therapeutic perspective. She is constantly improving her knowledge through various courses and thematic trainings.

“What you don’t spend on the cook,

you spend on a doctor”

Ancient Chinese proverb

For Your Health

The methods I use have been recognized as science by WHO in 2019. These include TCM components such as Acupuncture, Traditional Acupuncture, 5 Element Acupuncture, Pulse Diagnosis, Moxa, Chinese Bubbles, and Chinese Herbalism.

Scheme of Conduct


Making an Appointment

It’s best to contact me through the form or by phone.



Submit your medical records or medical history.



Follow the recommendations after the visit and follow the guidelines afterwards.



Come punctually and keep me informed of any feelings during treatment.

"I have been unable to find help for my ailments for several years. Everything had built up over the years and led to a tragic state of health. Here I got help and I feel that I am slowly getting back to health. I'm definitely on the right track because my health says every day it gets better."

– Karolina Lewandowska

"Great treatments and quick pain relief. Couldn't be better described. Plus a very comprehensive visit where the patient always comes first. Highly recommend."

– Alex

"Appointment for a specific time. Diagnostic and confluences without comment. Acupuncture and herbs helped me get back on my feet."

– Jola

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