About Me

The most important information about my humble person that you should know before visiting. Among other things, you will find here the following information: who I am, my education, my experience and, most importantly, my background.

The most important thing is always the person, health and family.

It is said that happy people enjoy life, while sick people only malign. There is a lot of truth in this.

My mission is to show you that you can heal your own body even in very difficult cases. The key to success is, of course, your decision and the will to improve your health.


In the current world, where other people know better what is good for us, social resistance is a right and knowledge is the key to maintaining homeostasis. It is necessary to explore knowledge on your own and find the truth because in the “mainstream” media, “pseudo authorities” paid by pharmaceutical-chemical corporations, whose goal is everything but certainly not your health, always speak out.

Find balance, energy and happiness the natural way.

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UGA Battsengel

I am the daughter of a well-known professor of Traditional Medicine and Acupuncture. Continuing my mother’s work, I want to introduce a completely different approach to treating patients, where knowledge and experience will go hand in hand with respect and regard for the rights of the sick. I dream of a Poland where it will be the patient who decides on treatment, not “pseudo medical authorities.”

o mnie,moje cv,about me


o mnie,moje cv,about me


o mnie,moje cv,about me


o mnie,moje cv,about me


Good Science and Good Law

Such a motto should accompany every doctor taking the Hippocratic Oath. The patient should always come first, not the doctor’s profit. It used to be that in China, doctors were only paid if the people coming to them were healthy – in the event the patient was sick and the doctor could not cure him, he was not paid. In most EU countries, it is the case that the patient pays regardless of whether the doctor’s procedures are effective and help or not. Not to mention the gigantic queues to specialist doctors sometimes amounting to several years, where help is due already and delay is catastrophic in its consequences. My mission is to change the approach to patients with respect for their rights and based on available medical knowledge and effective techniques to help them, for example, with the ways of Traditional Medicine. It should be noted here that the so-called. “Traditional Medicine” is a widely recognized and accepted medical system recognized by the WHO as a science on par with academic medicine.




What is the best way to schedule an appointment with you?

The fastest way to schedule an appointment with me is to contact me through the contact form or social media. I answer the phone only during business hours.


What does the first visit look like?

It is very similar to a medical visit: analysis of medical records, diagnosis, pulse examination, palpation, medical history, pulse examination. The first visit lasts about 30 minutes after which if I find that I can help I proceed with the treatments.


What is the difference between 5-element acupuncture and regular acupuncture?

They are two of the same acupuncture. 5-element acupuncture is the most common form of acupuncture in the West and is practiced by senior medical specialists, anesthesiologists and medical therapists.


Is one acupuncture treatment enough?

Acupuncture is such a form of assistance, where the unit of effectiveness is a series, that is, several treatments at short intervals of no more than 3-4 days. It all depends on the disease and its complexity.

Where am I?

Clinic of Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine in Warsaw.

street 28 A Czerniakowska
00-714 WARSAW

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Monday-Friday: 9:00am-7:00pm