Alternative Medicine – What is it?

Due to the rise in popularity of alternative medical systems in the West, many doctors are beginning to expand their specialties to include unconventional forms of therapy. These are, in short, all methods that Western mainstream medicine does not use in customary treatment.

Alternative Medicine – Herbalism.

Many people have encountered terms such as homeopathy or herbal medicine, and may even have wondered more than once whether they might be better off replacing their existing forms of treatment with them, especially when the medicines they use are failing.

We’ve heard a lot about complementary, or alternative, forms of treatment, but basically, how would they differ from what we use with patients.

Nevertheless, knowledge of their among our specialists, as well as among the public is still still very small, which is why so many people are suspicious of eastern modes of therapy, not to mention the fact that negative opinions about them are mainly expressed by “authorities” involved in health care, and who have at heart by no means the health of patients, but the profits guaranteed by the sale of pharmaceuticals.

While academic medicine in the West has been around for less than 150 years, the alternative healing trend backs up its established position with thousands of years of tradition, theory and practice on the ground of healing people. Moreover, it is worth emphasizing at this point that the system, according to which we have been treated probably since childhood, is not the only one in this world, and thus does not have a “monopoly on wisdom.”

How many times have we encountered cases of diseases that current mainstream medicine cannot explain, and what’s worse to find a suitable remedy for them, not to mention everyday ailments, such as a runny nose, or headaches… And yet, one still hears about emerging diagnostic methods, backed on new technologies, or drugs using recently discovered specifics, or their chemical compounds, promising nothing less than a return to health.



Very safe


Use in children and adults


Individually recommended


Treats the whole body, not the symptoms

Alternative Medicine Through the Eye of Conventional (Contemporary) Medicine.


There would be nothing wrong with this if the monetary outlay demanded by the medical community for an increase actually produced tangible results. Meanwhile, not only is there still a “shortage” of funds for health care, and therefore – treatment of patients, but also of medicines that (since, be that as it may, they have usurped the name) would simply be effective.

Instead, there is no shortage of newly emerging medical specialties, focusing on specific areas of the human body and dealing with an increasing number of minor conditions, the treatment of which would guarantee health – in the general sense of the word.

What exactly is Alternative Medicine?

It is a collection of effective methods for treating ailments based on the long experience of the ancestors of many traditional medicine cultures.

Why is Alternative Medicine not taught at Medical Academies in Poland?

The main reason is the lack of specialists in Poland to prepare medical students for the best possible delivery of this medicine.

Is Alternative Medicine more effective than Modern Medicine?

No. Alternative medicine is different. Each medicine has its advantages and disadvantages. This is best explained by your traditional medicine doctor.

FAQ -Questions

Traditional medicine - first visit - acupuncture office warsaw
Traditional medicine - first visit - acupuncture office warsaw

Eastern Medicine as Alternative Medicine


It is impossible to ignore the fact that on this ground the eastern current of medicine has long since managed to develop a complete system based on a holistic approach to the patient, and therefore not focused only on finding, contrary to appearances, unrelated ailments.

This medicine, which has survived to this day in the practice of many Eastern physicians, and whose theory has remained unchanged for thousands of years in oral and written transmission, is capable of restoring to health patients whose diseases have often been deemed incurable by Western medical authorities. Why isn’t this being discussed? Because competition, which in this case would be alternative medicine, is by no means desirable.



FAQ – Questions


Eastern medicine what exactly is it?

Eastern Medicine is the same medical system created to treat people as Conventional Medicine in Europe.

Unfortunately, in Europe, Eastern Medicine is very often equated with Alternative Medicine – which is simply a statement that is not true.

How do you treat yourself using Eastern Medicine?

The most important thing is to get to a good traditional medicine doctor. Further he will already direct you what to do in your disease case.

What are the greatest benefits of Eastern Medicine?

Eastern Medicine explains the shortcomings of Academic Medicine and often complements it. Its advantage, therefore, is its versatility of application.

Alternative Medicine – Our Commentary

It turns out that it is more advantageous to negate alternative treatments than to let the authorities who specialize in this field come to the fore before people see for themselves what is more beneficial for them.

Suspicion when it comes to alternative treatments, on the other hand, is completely justifiable, and this is influenced not only by the fact that medical universities do not pay much attention to this area (and if they did, they would at the same time arouse disapproval in the eyes of scientists, the media, and thus public opinion), but also ordinary ignorance, by which some are ready to give up their health in the the hands of self-proclaimed healers,whose practices can sometimes bring more harm than good

Simple oversight and negligence in the search for the truth affects the phenomenon that psychologists call heuristic availabilitywhich, in this case, consists in the dynamic formation of an opinion about alternative medicine, according to which it is unresearched, dangerous, its effectiveness is not proven, and its representatives are only fraudsters or charlatans engaged in extortion and preying on people’s gullibility.

The blame for the negative connotations regarding eastern methods of treatment lies with both the media and the “authorities” behind them, and who, because of their sense of power in shaping public opinion, allow themselves (and brazenly so) to make journalistic and methodological lapses seeing greater or lesser benefits in this activity.

The consequences of propagandistic activity are felt quite drastically by real doctors who, by virtue of their specialty, deal with alternative medicine, as well as specialists who combine it with the allopathic stream in their practice.

True medical knowledge, on the other hand, should be based not only on the ability to diagnose the disease, but, above all, take into account as many possible treatments against which to choose one that is The most beneficial to the patient. The well-being of people, and therefore their health, should be a priority when it comes to practicing medicine in general.

This one, in turn, if he considers himself a good specialist, should be open to alternative methods of treatment, especially if these, from conventional forms of therapy, have often proved more effective. May we, therefore, get to good doctors as often as possible.

Traditional Medicine and Acupuncture recognized by WHO as a science!!!

We are extremely pleased to inform you that thanks to the efforts of millions of people around the world, the World Health Organization has recognized Traditional Medicine and Acupuncture as a science on par with academic medicine.

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