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dowody akupunktura,evidence-based articles

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As you already know from our many articles present on the web, acupuncture is a diagnostic and therapeutic method recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization) as a science. Thus, from 2019 it will be possible to award degrees at Medical Universities in Europe, including Poland.

In this article I have collected most of the scientific material available in specialized research collections on the effects of acupuncture in the treatment of specific ailments.

acupuncture uga warsaw depression treatment
acupuncture uga warsaw
dowody akupunktura,evidence-based articles

Acupuncture is an effective treatment forall types of pain.

Pain relief acupuncture treatments are virtually painless. Instead, they are an excellent alternative to drug treatment or as an adjunct to conventional treatment. You do not have to give up your current treatment with your primary care physician. It is possible to support and complement the healing process with natural methods.

safety of acupuncture in clinical trials
dowody akupunktura,evidence-based articles

Acupuncture helps treat rhinitis.

More than 50% of the world’s population suffers from rhinitis. It is a common ailment strongly associated with the environment in which we live.

Acupuncture for the treatment of rhinitis is a scientifically proven method that together with conventional methods can cure the body once and for all.

Allergic rhinitis is a type of rhinitis that is highly adaptable and recurrent, which is why prophylactic acupuncture treatments are required in such cases.

dowody akupunktura,evidence-based articles

Acupuncture helps treat women’s ailments. Especially effective for menopause.

Menopause (menopause, menopause) is defined as the permanent cessation of menstrual cycles. According to the World Health Organization’s definition, menopause is the last menstrual period followed by no bleeding for at least 12 months – but not associated with, for example, surgery to remove the uterus or ovaries or sudden weight loss over a short period of time. Biologically, menopause marks the end of a woman’s reproductive capacity – loss of fertility is a natural physiological process that cannot be stopped, although it can occur at different ages. Worldwide, OK. Postmenopausal women make up 10% of the population (about 700 million), and this number is steadily increasing, among other things. due to the increasing life expectancy of people. Menopause usually occurs between 45. a 55. years of age, in Poland the average age is 51. The timing of menopause depends on many factors, including genetics, age of first menstruation, history of pregnancy and childbirth, length of menstrual cycle, and history of disease. There is also a growing emphasis on the role of environmental factors related to lifestyle and the effects of the exposome on the whole body and its hormonal balance. Often the first symptoms of menopause appear much earlier, even 10 years (on average 5-6 years) before menstruation stops altogether – this is called “menopause”. transitional, peri-menopausal period. Some women, even as young as 35 or 40, may develop premature menopause.

Scientific article on the treatment of menopause with acupuncture.

safety of acupuncture in clinical trials acupuncture office warsaw
dowody akupunktura,evidence-based articles

Acupuncture helps treatdifferent types of anxiety.

Anxiety often has masks that make it difficult to recognize. It is a feeling of tension, jitteriness, sometimes symptoms resembling heart disease, gastrointestinal disease, or neurological disorders (headaches and dizziness, numbness in the limbs, paresis, visual disturbances, back pain).

It is one of the more difficult emotions, often secondary, that is, arising from current experiences and past experiences that accumulate at deeper levels of our mental world.

Anxiety has occurred in each of us, but it usually comes and goes. Our internal calming mechanisms deal with this emotion. But what happens if such mechanisms have not been established? If our parents, and their parents before that, had difficulty dealing with their emotions? At the time, we didn’t have a chance to model coping mechanisms for difficult emotions in our first relationships, and our deficits wreak havoc on relationships built in the present. Anxiety then begins to stay with us for a longer period of time, hinders communication, and interferes with functioning at the bodily level. Importantly – it doesn’t go away. It surrounds and entangles. Often patients speak of an unspecified impression of danger that has no rational justification: “I have a wonderful family, a good job! Why the constant tension and waking nightmares at night?”

Our cover article on treating anxiety with acupuncture.

dowody akupunktura,evidence-based articles

Pediatric acupuncture for the treatment of various ailments in children.

Many of my patients are children. They are usually happy to come for treatments and respond very well to acupuncture. I use acupuncture in children primarily in the course of repeated infections and weakened immunity. Acupuncture stimulation in the youngest patients produces results much faster than in adults. A well done procedure doesn’t have to be painful at all and children usually associate well with my acupuncture. It even happens that the youngest ones sleep through the procedure. Acupuncture is great for fevers, coughs, infantile colic and digestive problems.

Our article: pediatric acupuncture.

pediatric acupuncture

Acupuncture recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a SCIENCE in 2019.

Traditional Medicine is a set of medical procedures used by traditional medicine doctors and Eastern therapists to diagnose, treat, and prevent disease. W skład TM (Traditional Medicine) wchodzą takie składowe jak: akupunktura, ziołolecznictwo oraz usługi manualne typu: guasha, masaż meridianowy, tuina, ćwiczenia oddechowe, moksa, bańka TCM oraz akupresura chińska.

Specialist Uga – Certified Professional Acupuncturist and TCM Therapist, currently in clinical training. A graduate of the School of Traditional Acupuncture in Bydgoszcz, Poland, as well as many trainings and directional courses at home and abroad. One of the best-educated graduates of Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine in Poland. She is constantly improving her qualifications and gaining valuable experience in working with patients.

On a daily basis, she works with her mother at a private acupuncture clinic in Warsaw, where she takes her patients daily.

Uga is a co-founder of the Nature Without Borders Campaign movement and founder of the later-formed Foundation of the same name fighting for the Freedom of Consumer Choice and Self-Determination in the face of constantly new and incomprehensible EU regulations.

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