Patient service packages and price list for acupuncture services along with supporting methods.

The price list of services has been prepared so as to allow all patients to take advantage of our services. We have taken into account people both wanting to benefit from the achievements of Traditional Medicine prophylactically and sick people needing more treatments.

Please keep in mind that by using our services you come to thoroughly educated people who have all the legally required diplomas, certificates well above the national requirements in this area.










Price list for acupuncture services and other methods.

First Visit - Stationary

Price: 250 PLN. Duration: about 45-60 minutes.

The time of the visit depends on the complexity of the disease case.

During the first visit, the patient presents an ID card or passport for registration in the system. Persons without a document are not admitted.

Complicated disease cases and chronic conditions requiring much more time for analysis payable: 350 zl – 60 minutes first visit.

Those who are virally ill or have visible aspects of the disease that may infect other patients are not admitted to the office.

We measure body temperature before the visit. If it is high as above – the patient will not be admitted.

We do not require vaccination on CoVid but the patient signs a statement that he is healthy, if he does not agree he will not be admitted.

Payment by cash only. It is not possible to pay by card or bank transfer.


Acupuncture Treatment

Price: PLN 200. Time: about 30-45 minutes. Everything included in the price of the procedure: pads, needles, etc. Full acupuncture price list.

GuaSha treatment

Price: 80-250 PLN. Full price list.

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Price: 350 PLN. Time: 45-75 minutes. Applies to one part of the body: face, arms, legs, abdomen, scar, etc.

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