The top 5 benefits of GuaSha treatments

zalety gua sha,advantages of gua sha

Author: Uga

In Poland, Gua Sha treatments are no longer a secret and most women know about their positive effects on the body and beautiful facial skin as a result of their regular use.

Korean and Chinese models, who at 50 look like 20-year-olds, owe their unique and beautiful appearance for years to these very treatments.

In addition to the appearance effects on the skin, Gua Sha carries a ton of accompanying benefits. This article addresses these very issues.

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The 5 most important advantages of gua sha gabinet
benefits of guasha

Although records of the use of gua sha began to appear during the Ming Dynasty, it is still a widely used TCM technique. Practitioners have found that Gua Sha is helpful in relieving pain, as well as increasing circulation and energy flow. And although there have been many Chinese studies on the effectiveness of gua sha, only recently have American researchers begun to publish their own findings . Among the gua sha mentioned above, it also helps:

zalety gua sha,advantages of gua sha

It improves blood circulation.

“From a Chinese medicine perspective, the Tai Yin (consisting of the lungs and spleen) and Yang Ming (consisting of the large intestine and stomach) meridians are responsible for the overall condition of the skin,” Lee said. “When you gently scratch the skin on your face with the gua sha tool, what you are doing is stimulating the Yang Ming meridians. You are also sending a signal to your body that this area needs more blood circulation.” In normalizing blood circulation, the sequence of movements and the clinical experience of the specialist are important. You can’t do the treatments on the back of your hand or by skipping the order mentioned above, as this can lead to blood stasis and stagnation.

guasha face effects
zalety gua sha,advantages of gua sha

Improves fine lines and wrinkles.

Gua sha “can temporarily improve the appearance of new and very fine wrinkles,” Wang said. She noted, however, that “for long-lasting (fixed) wrinkles, gua sha should not be the first choice.”

guasha different faces
zalety gua sha,advantages of gua sha
zalety gua sha,advantages of gua sha
Supports lymphatic drainage.

Gua sha can eliminate fluid buildup, which in turn can reduce swelling, experts say.

zalety gua sha,advantages of gua sha
It eases muscle tension.

Experts have noted that by regularly applying pressure with the gua sha tool, users can untangle constricted areas and release accumulated muscle tension.

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zalety gua sha,advantages of gua sha
zalety gua sha,advantages of gua sha

Health assessments of internal organs.

Gua Sha treatments and post-treatment reactions allow us to organoleptically assess weak areas indicating dysfunctions and weaknesses in internal organs. This allows us to quickly direct treatment and perform possible diagnostic tests to confirm or deny the supposition.

Although some TikTokers claimed , they used gua sha to sculpt their faces. Wang noted that gua sha cannot accentuate the user’s jawline. Instead, gua sha works by engaging the tissue to eliminate the accumulation of fluid in the lymph nodes (which can give the illusion of a more contoured face) but cannot actually remove fat from certain areas.

Lee also recommended that people with weak immune systems (those who struggle with seasonal allergies or catch colds easily) try gua sha. As Wang explained, it is particularly useful for these people because by repeatedly stimulating certain areas of the gua sha, it helps remove uncirculated blood and toxins from the body. Visual signs of this cleansing can be anything from redness to light bruising.

Prices for Gua Sha treatments with a qualified specialist

Gua Sha treatment, depending on the part of the body on which it is to be performed, lasts from 5-20 minutes. Longer treatments are not advisable, and certainly not for patients who come into contact with this form of therapy for the first time.

In Poland, the price of Gua Sha treatments with a qualified specialist is about PLN 120-250 per treatment.

In Germany, Gua Sha treatments are rare but we have encountered ranges between 80-140 euros per treatment.

England is the capital of Gua Sha treatments in Europe but the prices of treatments from qualified specialists simply knock you out. For a 20-minute Gua Sha treatment, one should expect to spend 80-100 pounds.

Such high prices for treatments are, of course, an incentive to all sorts of pseudo-therapists who have nothing to do with Gua-Sha treatments. Therefore, it is very important to go to a person with experience and education. Only such a combination gives confidence in the safety and effectiveness of the therapy.

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How to prepare for Gua Sha treatments

Gua Sha treatments must be divided into two types: therapeutic and aesthetic.

Treatment is mainly performed on the back, parts of the arms and legs. Aesthetic treatments mainly concern the face, neck and shoulders. No preparation is required for aesthetic procedures.

Gua Sha aesthetic treatment is very pleasant and the aesthetic effect is visible immediately after the procedure. The effects of the aesthetic treatment can be seen up to 24 hours after the procedure, and the skin retains its intrinsic qualities after the procedure for approx. 7 days. The aesthetic effect is permanent.

The treatment procedure requires special preparation consisting of:

determining the best date and time for the treatment – well as Gua Sha is performed at the end of a given day, and Friday is the best day for such a treatment.

loose clothing. Because of the possibility of light petechiae, which can be irritating to the skin, the loosest possible clothing will be an advantage. The use of any analgesic or healing ointment is not recommended.

In the case of Gua Sha treatments of a therapeutic nature, it is not advisable to cool the body and for example: eat cold food, eat ice cream or take a cold bath. You also need to avoid drafts and more physical exertion. Such a state of sparing the body is worth using for 24 hours after the procedure. Another Gua Sha treatment can be performed after all the therapeutic effects of the previous treatment have subsided. As a rule, this is from 3-7 days for new patients and up to 3 days for patients co regularly use Gua Sha.

Application of Gua Sha treatments in practice

– Improves microcirculation of blood at the application sites for about 30 min. aftermath

– reduces swelling and improves maintenance of lymphatic fluid movement

– reduces inflammation and swelling

– reduces fine wrinkles (skin and face) and improves fine lines

– reduces water stagnation due to gravitational factors – especially during sleep

– reduces migraines and stress conditions

– influences the reduction of neck pain

– has a positive effect on reducing the effects of Tourette’s syndromes

– has a positive effect in peri-menopausal women

guasha treatments warsaw
Contraindications to Gua Sha treatments

All medical contraindications can be found on our web pages. Gua Sha treatments are not available at our office without qualification and health assessment for Gua Sha treatments. First-time patients who want to use Gua Sha at our office are asked to schedule an initial appointment. Only after assessing your health and eliminating all contraindications will you be able to use these methods.


Acupuncture recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a SCIENCE in 2019.

Traditional Medicine is a set of medical procedures used by traditional medicine doctors and Eastern therapists to diagnose, treat, and prevent disease. W skład TM (Traditional Medicine) wchodzą takie składowe jak: akupunktura, ziołolecznictwo oraz usługi manualne typu: guasha, masaż meridianowy, tuina, ćwiczenia oddechowe, moksa, bańka TCM oraz akupresura chińska.

Specialist Uga – Certified Professional Acupuncturist and TCM Therapist, currently in clinical training. A graduate of the School of Traditional Acupuncture in Bydgoszcz, Poland, as well as many trainings and directional courses at home and abroad. One of the best-educated graduates of Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine in Poland. She is constantly improving her qualifications and gaining valuable experience in working with patients.

On a daily basis, she works with her mother at a private acupuncture clinic in Warsaw, where she takes her patients daily.

Uga is a co-founder of the Nature Without Borders Campaign movement and founder of the later-formed Foundation of the same name fighting for the Freedom of Consumer Choice and Self-Determination in the face of constantly new and incomprehensible EU regulations.

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