What should you know before your visit?

wizyta,before your visit

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I am very pleased that you decided to visit me. I look forward to having the opportunity to help you.

In the interest of your time and mine, I have prepared an article that will help us better build a cooperative relationship that will result in the best use of opportunities for the goals we want to achieve. Please remember that at each stage of treatment you have full control over its course, and your valuable comments are also part of it.

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wizyta,before your visit

Proper preparation of disease description and medical records.

One of the most important things is the proper presentation of the problems and goals with which you come to me. The description of the disease and your individual insights are very valuable. Things that are seemingly trivial are very important in traditional medicine so don’t underestimate them – keep me informed of all your feelings during therapy as well as in the time afterwards.

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wizyta,before your visit

Punctuality and regularity.

Due to the fact that I receive many patients, time and respect for everyone’s privacy is very important to me. I also ask and demand punctuality from my patients. You do not have the ability to show up for your appointment or treatments at the scheduled time – please let me know because it may be possible to manage this time for another patient in need who can be helped at that time.

wizyta,before your visit
wizyta,before your visit

During your first visit to my clinic, you may be asked to uncover certain parts of your body. As a rule, these are the neck, arms, abdomen and legs or areas affected by the condition.

Before the visit, I recommend:

1. come with a 10-minute time allowance to take care of physiological needs and prepare for the visit.

2. During the so-called. “coronavirus outbreak” all patients are required to wear face masks or simply cover their nose and mouth.

3. Do not consume energy drinks and do not drink coffee or coloring drinks.

4. Come in loose clothing that does not restrict movement.

5. Valuables such as watches, jewelry should be left at home because during acupuncture treatments you may be asked to remove items that restrict blood flow.

6. Women during menstruation should not undergo treatment and report only when symptoms have stopped.

7. Do not come after a lot of physical exertion like training, running or a big rush.

8. Those interested in Gua Sha therapy are advised to use the services after evening at the latest possible hours.

Graduates of Traditional Acupuncture School Bydgoszcz

Specialist Uga – Certified Professional Acupuncturist and TCM Therapist, currently in clinical training. A graduate of the School of Traditional Acupuncture in Bydgoszcz, Poland, as well as many trainings and directional courses at home and abroad. One of the best-educated graduates of Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine in Poland. She is constantly improving her qualifications and gaining valuable experience in working with patients.

On a daily basis, she works with her mother at a private acupuncture clinic in Warsaw, where she takes her patients daily.

Uga is a co-founder of the Nature Without Borders Campaign movement and founder of the later-formed Foundation of the same name fighting for the Freedom of Consumer Choice and Self-Determination in the face of constantly new and incomprehensible EU regulations.

How to effectively prevent autumn depression?

Well, each of us is different, and it is impossible to directly submit a proven way to cure despondency. Each person finds joy and happiness in something different. Some people definitely improve their mood by reading a good book or watching a comedy, others find peace and fulfillment during walks and, for example, picking mushrooms, while others prefer to visit a warm swimming pool or sauna on such gray days and indulge in relaxation by pampering their senses, for example, amid clouds of steam.

The most important thing is to fight these states of depression, because if they set in for a longer period of time, then we can talk about an already serious disease – emotional depression. In addition to these aforementioned activities, it is worth reaching into nature’s medicine cabinet during autumn days and going for a good massage, for example, or reaching for a cup of herbal infusion, as well as undergoing body-strengthening acupuncture treatments.

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